Robert also takes part in group performances. Others in the Tuvan music community in America have joined Robert on many occasions to perform and share Tuvan culture. During Robert's time in Tuva, he was joined by bluegrass musician and student of Tuvan vocal music Damon Postle, and Michael Haller who is also learning to perform Tuvan music. For the "Modern Interpretation of Khoomei" category in the competition in Kyzyl, the three joined together under the name "The Lost Americans" to play a bluegrass/Tuvan folk fusion of Cripple Creek and Andrey Mongush's song Ava Tyvam. With this performance, the band won Audience Favorite. The band now goes by the name Ak-Oruk, which is a Tuvan phrase meaning "White Road." To wish someone a white road means to wish them safe travels or good luck on their endeavors.
Below are two videos of their performances. 

Ensemble Ak-Oruk (White Road) 

Bii-Khem Yurt Camp, 2017

Michael Haller

Damon Postle with Ayan-ool Sam of Alash Ensemble